Ya'ats Advisory Services

Welcome to Ya'ats Advisory Services

We are a Business Management Consulting firm. We specialize in business process optimization in order to improve customer satisfaction.

In a world where technology and customer needs change rapidly, and businesses need to adapt to the spontaneous and creative innovations in the technology sector, we at Ya’ats Advisory Services want to help you and your organization not just react to these business and ICT changes but be proactive to them.

Our aim and vision is to change to face of customer satisfaction in Nigeria. We are a customer-centered organization that not only have in heart our clients but go further to focus our services on the customers of our clients. With a range of tools and methods aimed at bringing maximum satisfaction to your customers, Ya’ats Advisory Services also considers the “Nigerian Factor” in working with her clients across this great Nation of ours.

To change the face of customer satisfaction in Nigeria.

Customer satisfaction is at its lowest in most industries in Nigeria. We have identified the main cause of this to be poor and inefficient business processes. This is and will be the driving force for our vision to improve customer satisfaction in Nigeria; we intend on doing this by optimizing the business processes of all of our clients.

Our Smart Approach

Business Management

We provide business solutions to improve business efficiency and productivity to improve customer satisfaction.

ICT Strategy

Become proactive in a very agile business world and set industry standards by formulating challenging but yet feasible ICT Strategies

Strategy Alignment

We can give you the best of both worlds by aligning your business and ICT strategies to maximum effect.